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Using our 32 years of experience, we make a free appraisal of your valuable goods and antiques and buy all kinds of old antiques at their value and in cash.

What Do We Buy?

From your old gramophones, vinyl records, turntables, antique radios and stereos, old photographs, fountain pens, lighters and postcards, rosaries, antique silvers, engagement cards, carpets, antique objects, bronze sculptures, swords and daggers, medallions and paintings, old books, documents, manuscripts and Korans, we buy all kinds of antique products in cash at their value.

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Tel : 0216 316 55 40
GSM / Whatsapp : 0532 100 43 53

Let's buy your antiques for cash.

We take all hygiene measures during our visits.

Our Mission

Our esteemed friends, it is our goal to ensure that your antiques, which store the most beautiful memories with spiritual and material value, pass through competent hands and pass into the hands that know value...

We see your antiques, which we know have a very special place for you, far beyond any commercial object.  We accept your antiques as values that carry spiritual ties from the past to the future. For this reason, our priority is to trade with the sensitivity and flexibility that will create satisfaction in your heart, taking into account the spiritual sensitivities of our friends.

A transaction in which trust and transparency cannot be established, which cannot constitute "heart satisfaction", does not have value for us. Our heart's desire is to create long-lasting friendships. We are proud to serve our friends who care about peace, trust and sincerity as "Arslan Antik" for years.

Our Vision

32 years ago, we started this journey as a hobby and then developed our antique curiosity; It has moved forward with our indispensable "trust and respect" principle and has become "institutionalized" by observing the sensitivities of antique lovers.

With our principles, we aim to be an example in the sector and to open our antique trade to the international arena.