Müzayede Kuralları

Auction Rules

1-) Arslan Antik is an auction company and acts as an intermediary between the buyer ("Buyer") and the seller ("Seller").

2-) Arslan Antik sells the products of third parties through auction method. In writing, it is not possible for two participants of the auction to pay the same price for the same product. The person who pays the highest bid for the product is entitled to purchase the product. If there is only one bidder for an item, he buys it at the starting price. If there is more than one bidder, the highest bidder has the right to buy the product at the end of the period by adding the previous bidder within the bidding levels written below. The price written for the product on the page where the products are sold is the opening price and this price is accepted as the starting price. 

3-) Commission rate may vary for each auction.

4-) The products listed in the auction are exhibited on the pages organized for each product on the website www.arslanantik.com. All visual materials such as photographs and the like are for guidance only. The information given for the description of the works on the relevant pages where the works are included is not a commitment, but general information and opinion. Arslan Antik accepts returns only if the products are defective and the works are visibly different from the information on the website. Apart from this, if the Buyer returns the products due to reasons such as manipulating the auction or if other Buyers, Sellers and Arslan Antik suffer damages due to the return, Arslan Antik shall have the right to block or suspend the membership of that Buyer or to unilaterally terminate the Membership Agreement. This situation shall constitute a just cause for Arslan Antik. 

5-) Bids entered into the auction are recorded by the system.  Arslan Antik must be informed for incorrect bids. Arslan Antik may cancel the incorrect bids after evaluating the accuracy of the situation, provided that other Buyers and itself are not harmed. For this reason, the cancellation of bids is at the discretion of Arslan Antik. The memberships of Buyers who regularly cancel bets will be suspended by Arslan Antik if they continue this behavior despite a written warning.

6-) The total limit of bids defined to the member account at the opening of a new membership is set as 250 TL for each auction. For bids over 250 TL, the member must first specify a reference and we must receive written confirmation from the reference. If the reference is not found sufficient, Arslan Antik has the right to cancel all bets. In case there is no reference; Members who want to bid over 250 TL must contact Arslan Antik and submit their limit increase requests in writing. Acceptance of the bids and references given by the members is at the sole discretion of Arslan Antik. Under all circumstances, the total upper limit for each auction for new members is set as 1000 TL. For active memberships, the auction limit is updated regularly in consideration of member purchases. Memberships opened on weekends and holidays are activated on the first business day. In addition, memberships opened after 18:00 on auction days are activated on the first business day. The limits of accounts with missing or suspicious address information will also be temporarily closed until this information is corrected.

7-) Arslan Antik has the right to cancel products whose prices are not paid within 5 days. If this situation is repeated, the membership of the member who requests cancellation more than once will be suspended. If this negative behavior occurs with different memberships, legal action is initiated through Arslan Antik lawyers.

8-) The ownership of the product or products purchased by the Buyers will be transferred to the Buyer after the Buyer pays the fee in full.

9-) Bidding members are advised to enter the highest limit. The highest bid placed by the member does not have to be the member's last figure. According to the automatic bid raising system; the bid in the lower number of another member follows the bid placed.

10-) Product price gradual increase intervals;

1. 1.-TL to 50.-TL - 5.-TL

2. 50.-TL to 100 TL - 5.-TL

3. 100.-TL to 250.-TL - 10.-TL

4. 250.-TL to 500.-TL - 25.-TL

5. 500.-TL to 1.000.-TL - 50.-TL

6. From 1000.-TL to 5.000.-TL - 100.- TL

7. 5000.- TL up to 10.000 TL - 500.- TL

8. 10.000.-TL and above - You can increase your bids by 500.-TL.

11-) Our auctions are organized only on the internet. Hall auctions to be held in hotels or similar places will be announced separately on our website. The rules regarding the hall auctions will also be distributed on the auction day.  The start and Arslan Antique dates of the online auctions are indicated on the page of the relevant auction. Online auctions