User Agreement

User Agreement

User Agreement

As Antika Muratpaşa; buyers who will participate in the online auctions we organize (participants) accept the following conditions in advance.

1-Antika Muratpaşa is an intermediary for the seller and is entitled to commission at the time of sale due to the intermediary service it performs instantly in electronic environment.

2-According to the Law No. 2863 on Cultural and Natural Assets, all artifacts offered for sale are checked by the Museum experts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, and certificates are given to those that fall within the scope of the law and are deemed necessary.

3-In order to participate in online auctions, it is mandatory to register as a member at

4-The works in the online auctions are exhibited at Kışla Mahallesi 25.Sok.Tuğçe Apt. No:12/A Muratpaşa Antalya address. All information given for the works and presentation of the works in the online auction catalog are the opinions of the experts. The placement of the works in the online catalog is the preparation process for the online auction and the sale of works through the online catalog is not made until the start day of the auction.

5- Participants in the online auction accept and declare that they have already seen and examined the artworks at the address of the Antika Muratpaşa company specified in Article 4. The buyer agrees and undertakes that all works are offered for sale as they are, that the buyer has checked the sold work sufficiently before bidding and that he/she cannot assert the provisions specified in Article 223 of the Code of Obligations. It is not obligatory to write next to each work as it is. The information given about the work and all kinds of announcements do not constitute a commitment but are general information. The buyer accepts this situation in advance. Antika Muratpaşa is not obliged to guarantee the work (goods) sold. In this regard, Antika Muratpaşa will not make any objection and request from the company in the future.

6-In online auctions, the price increase is made by clicking on the place where it says "BID". The buyer is bound by the offer made by making a bid in the online auction. The item subject to the auction is auctioned to the buyer with the highest bid as of the auction end time predetermined by Antika Muratpaşa. The buyer cannot claim the nullity of the auction for any reason whatsoever. Our company has the authority to determine how much value increase is expressed by pressing the BID section in the online auction and to change these values. The increase of the price of an artwork put up for online auction may start with twenty percent or less of the estimated value. Guests who have not registered as a member of the website and have not received an "online auction participation password" cannot participate in the online auction. The "online auction participation password" is personalized; it is forbidden to use it other than the person who has the membership. The online auction participant accepts, declares and undertakes that our company will not accept any responsibility for the use of this personalized password by other persons. The auction continues by bidding until the end of the period given for the product, and the person who bids the highest bid for the product at the end of the period wins the auction.

6.1- In online auctions held on the Antika Muratpaşa website, while the auction continues, the highest bid for the product subject to the auction will be displayed on the auction screen in its current form. In this context, the participants in the online auction, the bids put forward, the amount of bids put forward by whom, who put the highest bid, etc. information will be encrypted and secured by our company, and the participants accept, declare and undertake that they have no right to object to these records in any way.

6.2- VAT and intermediary service commission fee (+VAT) will be added to the prices of the products auctioned online and the buyer is responsible for all prices.

7-Invoices are prepared for all purchased works. Invoices are issued according to the member number, name, surname and address. However, the invoice given to the customer is issued by Antika Muratpaşa due to legal obligation. The issuance of an invoice does not indicate that Antika Muratpaşa is a seller. Antika Muratpaşa is not a seller; it is an intermediary mediating the sale. The 15% commission + VAT that Antika Muratpaşa will be entitled to due to this intermediary service will be paid separately by the person who owns the item in the auction. The commission (+VAT) receivable of Antika Muratpaşa will be due and payable as of the end of the auction. Even if the buyer refuses to buy the work subject to the auction, he is obliged to pay the 15% commission fee as well as the penalty clause. The service provided by the Antique Muratpaşa company in this context; It is an intermediary service performed instantly in electronic environment and is outside the scope of the right of withdrawal.

8-The price of the purchased item is paid by the buyer in advance by wire transfer within 5 days at the latest from the day of the auction. When the buyer pays the full sales price, Value Added Tax (VAT) and 15% auction company commission (+VAT), the Antique Muratpaşa company will be obliged to deliver the product. From the payment; 7 days for in-city deliveries